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Mar 24, 2016
Category: Machine learning
Posted by: fraggle

A member of the Piment Noir Network will make a presentation at Marseille Innovation on April 4. To participate, please subscribe here

Aug 11, 2014
Category: Computer Science
Posted by: admin

Piment Noir is pleased to announce the Smart Media Center beta-test. The Announce is in our wiki here in french only for now, translation will be done when time permit. 

Enjoy !

The historical facts analyzer

This project is meant to informatize the sentence : "The history is here to teach us which mistakes not to redo". 

The model to analyze the historical facts is a causal one put in a one-way graph. Each causal link between fact nodes is weighted based on historical researches. The goal is to extract historical causal patterns that might emerge from the model in order to have a better understanting of the probable future and make better choices.

The work in progress is available here.  

The analyzer will probably make use of a modified version of neo4j graph database. 

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