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Mar 24, 2016
Category: Machine learning
Posted by: fraggle

A member of the Piment Noir Network will make a presentation at Marseille Innovation on April 4. To participate, please subscribe here

Aug 11, 2014
Category: Computer Science
Posted by: admin

Piment Noir is pleased to announce the Smart Media Center beta-test. The Announce is in our wiki here in french only for now, translation will be done when time permit. 

Enjoy !

Art install with LEDs

Piment Noir have been working on music visualization with RGB LEDs and Micah Elisabeth Scott fadecandy framework. The work is focused on making a very natural visual rendering on 3D printed semi-translucent shape out of 2D LEDs PCBs. Or how to trick our 3D world with light propagation inside matter almost like the arrival of photography have historically done. The Proof of Concept code made with processing is already in our github and we're sure you will enjoy it.

Our future plans is to make a larger Art installation, say for example The Burning Man, that listen to a complete city.

Preview demo vidéos are available on my youtube channel

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