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Mar 24, 2016
Category: Machine learning
Posted by: fraggle

A member of the Piment Noir Network will make a presentation at Marseille Innovation on April 4. To participate, please subscribe here

Aug 11, 2014
Category: Computer Science
Posted by: admin

Piment Noir is pleased to announce the Smart Media Center beta-test. The Announce is in our wiki here in french only for now, translation will be done when time permit. 

Enjoy !


Welcome to the Piment Noir Home Page ! 

We invite you to participate to tremendous projects and ideas that aim to create innovations in differents fields :

  • Computer Science; 
  • Societal Issues; 
  • Art.

We will also offer computer science engineering services. 

We really hope that you will enjoy it. 

You can join us on the Piment Noir threadable organisation.  

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