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Sep 26, 2016
Category: Machine learning
Posted by: fraggle

Two Piment Noir network's members have setup a meetup on Machine Learning topics in Marseille some time ago. The next meeting will be announced here. We hope to see you there. 

Apr 9, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: fraggle

The full stack of software (PHP, CMS, etc.) hosting domain or sub-domains have been updated lately. 

We're sorry for the short unreachability that might have occured during the rolling update.

About us

Piment Noir is a work group, a network and in a near future a Scop composed of different people with an eclectic background that aim to build stuff together. You can contact us at or on threadable Piment Noir organisation. Piment Noir has nothing to do with the Piment Noir Studio Art, it's completely different people. 

Our main place is at La Bo[a]te; 35, rue de la paix Marcel Paul; 13001 Marseille France.  

The artistic side of our work is located at the LFO

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